Die Empty

In the realm of creativity and innovation, there exists a concept that strikes at the core of our existence as thinkers, dreamers, and creators. It is the notion of “dying empty” – a profound idea presented by Todd Henry, author of Accidental Creative, that beckons us to reflect on the impact we can make with our ideas. This blog post is born from the inspiration derived from Henry’s words, which filled my thoughts during a serene morning walk around the lake. Join me as we explore the significance of dying empty and the profound implications it holds for our creative journeys.

Imagine a graveyard that holds not only the remnants of lives lived but also the burial grounds of some of the world’s greatest ideas. Ideas that never saw the light of day, suffocated by the weight of doubt and fear. These concepts were entombed because their creators lacked the courage to champion them against the naysayers, or because the shadow of fear eclipsed their creative bravery.

In the face of this imagery, we can’t help but wonder: What if those buried ideas had been given the chance to bloom as intended? How might our world and society have transformed had these breakthrough concepts been nurtured and unleashed? As Todd Henry aptly states, “creativity demands bravery.” It is this bravery that propels us to push the boundaries of our thoughts and challenge the status quo, paving the way for innovation and progress.

Over time, however, there are instances when our innate bravery begins to wane. We find ourselves succumbing to the pressures of conformity, seeking to fit our ideas within the confines of collective beliefs and preconceived notions. In doing so, we unwittingly tame our intuition—the wellspring of disruption and innovation. We retreat to safer, proven ideas, forsaking the untapped potential that lies within us.

But what does it mean to “die empty” within this context? It is a call to unleash the full force of our creative bravery, giving everything we have to offer. It beckons us to summon unwavering courage and resolute determination to let our best ideas stand strong in the face of traditionalism, refusing to play it safe. By embracing this mindset, we honor the essence of creativity and leave a lasting legacy of innovation.

The inspiration for this post came from Todd Herry’s keynote at the Festival de las Ideas in Puebla Mexico, in March 2023. Watch the Video Here.

“Defending our creative freedom is paramount, for it is through intuition-driven creativity that we shape and transform the world around us.”

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